New Arabidopsis DNA 29-Mar-1997

AtDB Project atdb-curator at genome.Stanford.EDU
Sun Mar 30 17:16:54 EST 1997

ATAC000375  AC000375    97000bp    DNA      HTG      24-MAR-1997
    *** SEQUENCING IN PROGRESS *** F19K23; HTGS phase 1, 7 unordered pieces.

ATHSP812    Y11827     2669bp    DNA      PLN      25-MAR-1997
    A.thaliana hsp81.2 gene.
    heat shock protein; hsp81.2 gene; hsp81.2.

ATHSP814    Y11828     2507bp    DNA      PLN      25-MAR-1997
    A.thaliana hsp81.4 gene.
    heat shock protein; hsp81.4 gene; hsp81.4.

ATHSP881    Y11829     4544bp    DNA      PLN      25-MAR-1997
    A.thaliana hsp88.1 gene.
    heat shock protein; hsp88.1 gene; hsp88.1.

ATU39568    U39568     1238bp    mRNA     PLN      29-MAR-1997
    Arabidopsis thaliana type 2A serine/threonine protein phosphatase (PP2A)
     mRNA, complete cds.
    PP2A; type 2A serine/threonine protein phosphatase.

ATU90428    U90428     1286bp    DNA      PLN      25-MAR-1997
    Arabidopsis thaliana blue copper-binding protein II gene, complete cds.
    blue copper-binding protein II.

ATU90879    U90879     1985bp    mRNA     PLN      24-MAR-1997
    Arabidopsis thaliana biotin carboxylase subunit (CAC2) mRNA, complete
    CAC2; biotin carboxylase subunit.

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