PhD Position in Plant Genetics

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Thu Oct 16 11:46:01 EST 1997

Ph.D. position available.
Topic: Characterisation of biosynthetic pathways of chemical defence
mechanisms in maize.
Cloning of genes, functional characterisation of the gene products,
investigation of the evolution of secondary biosynthetic pathways.
=46or more information see: Frey et al. 1997, Science 277, pp. 696-699

Candidates should have knowledge of molecular biology, biochemistry, plant
Salary: BAT2A/2, the position is available immediately.

Please contact:
Prof. A. Gierl/ Dr. M. Frey
Lehrstuhl f. Genetik
TU Muenchen
Lichtenbergstrasse 4
D85747 Garching
Phone: +49-89-2891-3532
=46ax: +49-89-2891-2892
e-mail: frey at

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