Postdoctoral position

Anne Britt fzbritt at
Sat Sep 6 19:13:22 EST 1997

A postdoctoral position is available at the University of California,
Davis, to work on DNA repair and damage tolerance processes in higher
plants.  We are interested in understanding the role of DNA repair in the
generation of genetic diversity, and in the application of these
repair/recombination mechanisms to the genetic engineering of the plants.

Ongoing research includes:

1) repair of UV-induced damage
2) manipulation of meiotic recombination frequency
3) "checkpoint" regulation of the cell cycle by DNA damage

Students with an appreciation of classical genetics are especially
encouraged to apply.

Send reply by email or to-

Dr. Anne Bagg Britt
Section of Plant Biology
1 Shields Ave.
University of California
Davis,  CA 95616

Please include your CV and a list of personal references, and, if possible,
a one-page research proposal.

Anne Britt
Assistant Professor
Section of Plant Biology
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95616
fax: (916) 752-5410
phone: (916) 752-0699

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