Postdoctoral Positions - Virus-Host Interactions

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Tue Sep 16 19:39:39 EST 1997

<x-rich>Postdoctoral Positions in Plant Virus-Host Interactions

Two postdoctoral positions are available to study the interaction
between viruses and their plant hosts using a well-characterized model
system (tobacco etch virus in Arabidopsis and solanaceous plants.)  The
laboratory is devoted to understanding the positive and negative
virus-host interactions governing cell-to-cell movement, long-distance
movement and genome replication of viruses.  A number of genetic
resources, including reporter viruses, selectable viruses for isolation
of host mutants, and host mutants with altered susceptibility, are
available with this system.  In addition, biochemical and cell
biological resources and strategies to assess the roles of viral and
cellular factors in replication and movement have been developed.

Qualifications:  A Ph.D. with expertise in genetics, molecular biology
or cellular biology.  Advanced experience in one of the following areas
is preferred:  map-based cloning or genomics using Arabidopsis or other
model eukaryotic organism;  electron and/or confocal microscopy;
protein biochemistry.  Experience in virology is helpful but not
essential.  Applicants should possess a broad perspective and be
willing to employ a diverse range of experimental methods.

The Laboratory and Institute of Biological Chemistry:  The laboratory
is located in the Institute of Biological Chemistry, Washington State
University.  The laboratory was remodeled, renovated and newly equipped
in May, 1997.  The Institute of Biological Chemistry consists of
approximately 145 individuals, including 10 faculty, 46 postdoctoral
researchers, and 40 graduate students.  Research in the Institute
focuses exclusively on biochemistry, molecular and cell biology and
genetics of plants and plant microbes.

Location:  Washington State University is located in Pullman, an
attractive university town in eastern Washington.  The university
supports ample scientific and cultural activities.  For those
subscribing to the "work hard/play hard" principle, spectacular outdoor
recreational opportunities (skiing, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking,
etc.) are within a short distance of Pullman.

To Apply:  Send (by mail, fax or E-mail) a statement describing current
and future research interests, a C.V., and names, addresses and numbers
of three potential references to:

James C. Carrington

Professor, Institute of Biological Chemistry

Washington State University

Pullman, WA  99164-6340

Phone:  509-335-2477

Fax:  509-335-2482

E-mail:  carrington at

Review of applications will begin on October 10, 1997, and continue
until suitable individuals are identified.  Washington State University
is an equal opportunity employer.

James C. Carrington


Institute of Biological Chemistry

Washington State University

Pullman, WA 99164

Phone: 509-335-2477

Fax: 509-335-2482

e-mail: carrington at


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