One Day Arabidopsis Meeting- London

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Thu Sep 18 10:43:12 EST 1997


Programme for The Genetical Society Meeting on Friday 14
November 1997 at The Wellcome Building, 183 Euston Road, London

09.45 (prompt)          Registration
Coffee and Danish Pastries

10.15-10.55             Dr. M. Bevan, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK.
Progress in Sequencing the Arabidopsis Genome

10.55-11.35             Dr.R.Martiennsen,Cold Spring Harbor,New York, USA.
Leaf Development

11.35-12.15             Dr. J. Ecker, University of Pennsylvania, USA.
The ethylene gas signal transduction pathway

12.15-12.55             Dr. B. Scheres, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Meristem formation and function: rooting plant development

12.55-14.00             LUNCH

14.00-14.40             Dr. Caroline Dean, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK.
Control of Flowering Time

14.40-15.20             Dr. G. Jurgens, University of Tubingen, Germany.
Splitting a plant cell:  a geneticist's view of cytokinesis

15.20-16.00             Dr. B. Staskawicz, University of California,
Berkeley, USA.
Signal transduction events specifying plant disease resistance

16.00-16.20             TEA

16.20-17.20             Mendel Lecture

Dr. E. Meyerowitz, California Institute of Technology, USA.
Genes and gene networks that control developmental patterns
in Arabidopsis

17.20                   Informal Discussion

For further details please contact jill.hunter at

Registration is 5 GBP for Genetical Society Members and 50GBP
for non-members.

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