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Dear Ivan,

     I don't believe that Arabidopsis does develop a vascular cambium.
Not all plants develop secondary thickenings.  When I look at the cross
section of a mature Arabidopsis  stem, I see individual vascular bundles,
not  continuous ring of secondary xylem and phloem.

Dick Sjolund
Biolgical Sciences
University of Iowa

Subject: cambium
From: couee at (Ivan Couee)
Date: 26 Sep 1997 08:55:34 -0700
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Dear Arabinetters,

I am interested in the study of cambium, the LATERAL meristem that develops
in mature parts of dicots (and gymnosperms), and gives rise to SECONDARY
phloem and SECONDARY xylem, thus resulting in increase of diameter.

I suppose that in Arabidopsis the mature parts of the stem show the
development of secondary cambium:

What is the available information on the transition from procambium to
cambium and on the functioning of cambium in Arabidopsis (histological
description, time course of the different stages, previous biochemical and
molecular studies)?
Is Arabidopsis already used as a model system for the study of cambium
meristematic activity and of the differentiation of secondary xylem and

Thank you.

Ivan Couee

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