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Tue Sep 30 16:16:40 EST 1997

Dear Netters:

In response to my earlier request regarding expression of BFP in transgenic
plants, I got this answer which may be useful to some of you.

>  smBFP is not easy to see in
>Arabidopsis, and I find it impossible to see in the roots.  It is important
>to remember that smBFP is about 8 fold less fluorescent than smGFP, and
>that plants have brilliant autofluorescence.  These together may make whole
>plant analysis of smBFP impossible.  It does seem likely that smBFP will
>have a place in cell biological analysis though.

>By the way, you might have more luck with an answer if you post the above
>message to the fluorescent protein news group (fluorpro at
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