Four Poatdoc Positions

Qingshun (Quinn) Li agr022 at
Thu Apr 2 14:36:36 EST 1998

<x-rich><bold><fontfamily><param>Times</param><bigger>FOUR  POSTDOCTORAL

    The Department of Plant Pathology, University of Kentucky, has four
research position openings to work on novel approaches for control of
plant pathogenic fungi using the downy mildew fungus of
<italic>Nicotiana</italic> spp. as a model system:

(1) Expression of fungal and mycovirus-encoded antifungal polypeptides
in transgenic plants (Dr. Said A. Ghabrial, PI, e-mail:
saghab00 at

(2) Regulatory genes involved in systemic acquired resistance (Dr.
Chris Schardl, PI, schardl at

(3) Development of molecular markers for epidemiological and population
studies of <italic>Peronospora tabacina </italic>(Dr. Mark L. Farman,
PI, farman at

(4) Cloning and functional characterization of disease resistance genes
(Dr. Qingshun (Quinn) Li, PI, agr022 at, Tobacco and Health
Research Institute; Dr. Mark L. Farman, Co-PI).

               Interested applicants should send CV with brief
statement of research background and interest with names of three
references directed to the appropriate PI at :

<bold>Department of Plant Pathology

University of Kentucky

Lexington, KY 40546.

FAX: 606-323-1961.

</bold><italic>The University of Kentucky is an Equal Opportunity



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