Arabidopsis question

Suzanne Baumwell sgb4 at
Mon Dec 7 11:31:29 EST 1998

Hi!  I'm an undergrad at Duke, and my Bio class has been
studying Arabidopsis.  My lab partner and I got an
interesting GUS staining pattern in some seedlings, and we
were wondering if anyone had any idea as to what gene(s)
is/are behind it.

Basically, we found staining in parts of the phloem in the
roots, but not in any other type of vasculature in the
root, nor in any vasculature in any other part of the
tissue. The line we were using came from an enhancer trap.

We're presenting to our class on Wednesday (sorry this is
such short notice), so any hypotheses/responses before then
would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help,
Suzanne Baumwell
sgb4 at

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