Tn-tagging: proportion of tagged mutants?

rjl at rjl at
Fri Dec 18 12:13:47 EST 1998

Does anyone know what proportion of Arabidopsis mutant lines isolated by
transposon tagging typically carry a transposon at a given mutant locus?
I'm most interested in finding this out with regard to Arabidopsis lines
containing the maize Ac constructs (e.g. James et al.1995. Directed
tagging of the Arabidopsis Fatty Acid Elongation (FAE1) gene with the
Maize transposon Activator; Plant Cell 7:309).  I've seen references
stating between 7-50% of mutant lines are actually tagged- but these
references are from 1995- is there more recent information?

Thanks for any information,
Ron Laby
rjl at

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