Chr 4, WS/Columbia markers?

Derek Bartlem bartlem at
Mon Feb 2 11:56:14 EST 1998

Dear All,

I am currently looking for suitable markers located on the bottom of
Chromosome 4 that display a polymorphism between WS and Columbia.  The
region we are interested in is between m600 (71.94) and PRHA (76.17).

The two miRFLP markers in this region (mi123 and mi232) are listed as having
the same hybridization pattern in the hybridization table at AtDB.  One
potential candidate is the CAPS marker RSP2 (~72.88), however there is no
information for WS in the updated CAPS table - has anyone used this marker
with WS?

We would be grateful if someone were able to provide us with details on
suitable markers in this region, or even let us know where further
information may be available.

All the best,

Derek Bartlem
Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University
Kita-9, Nishi-9, Sapporo 065 JAPAN
email: bartlem at

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