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Ph.D. Positions in Molecular Plant Development

The Plant Developmental Genetics group at the Institute of Plant Biology of
the University of Z=B8rich offers several positions for Ph.D. students.

Current research focus:

The group is interested in the regulatory mechanisms controlling
organogenesis. It approaches the problem with a combination of molecular
and genetic strategies exploiting the advantages of the ovules of
Arabidopsis thaliana as a model system. Further information can be found at
the following website: "".

=46unding is provided by the Swiss National Science Foundation (NF) and
initially extends for 3 years. It is planned to fill 2 positions as soon as
possible and a third position by early 1999.

International students are invited to apply. They should hold a degree
equivalent to the Swiss "Diploma" (thesis or masters degree). The institute
offers an international atmosphere, hence fluency in German is not

Highly motivated and creative individuals are encouraged to apply. Previous
experience in molecular biology and/or genetics is preferable but not
essential. Interested persons should send a complete CV as well as names
and addresses of two referees to:

Dr. Kay Schneitz
Institute of Plant Biology
University of Z=B8rich
Zollikerstr. 107
CH-8008 Z=B8rich

Tel:++41 1 385 4250
=46ax:++41 1 385 4204
email: schneitz at

Kay Schneitz                            Tel:    ++41-1-385-4250 (office)
Institut fuer Pflanzenbiologie          Tel:    ++41-1-385-4251 (lab)
Universitaet Zuerich                    FAX:    ++41-1-385-4204

Zollikerstr. 107                        e-mail: schneitz at

CH-8008 Zuerich/Switzerland             URL:

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