Is NOS-pro-NPTII-NOS-ter expressed in E. coli

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Dear Colleagues,
        I posted a question a while ago:
"Does anyone know if the KAN  expression cassette (NOS-pro-NPTII-NOS-ter,
in many Bin19 derived vectors) expressed in E. coli?"
        I tested E. coli carrying this KAN cassette, colonies were formed
at KAN conc. below 30ug.mL.  So the cassette could express in E. coli.


Some responses are posted below (thank you for the clues):
I believe it does. I think there is a paper by Asaad and Signer in Mol. Gen.
Genet. some time in 1989 or 1990 on this.

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This construct should not be expressed in prokaryotes becase the promoter
and terminator are supposed to be for eukaryotes.  Do you have evidence to
the contrary?
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I think most people find that it is.  Just streak some out on Kan and
you'll find out!

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