Ph.D. Positions in Plant Molecular Biology in Hamburg, Germany

Oswaldo da Costa e Silva fb5a111 at
Mon Feb 23 11:49:03 EST 1998

There are two immediate openings available for Ph.D. graduate students
in the Department of Applied Molecular Biology of Plants (Department
Head: Dr. Udo Wienand) at the Institute of General Botany of the
University of Hamburg, Germany.

These positions (BATIIa/2) are funded by the German Research Council
(DFG) initially for 2 years.

Our Group is interested in using maize as a model organism for the
elucidation of basic developmental and gene-regulation questions.  The
research work will encompass the analysis of various maize developmental
mutants with the use of the "Transposon Tagging" approach. As well as
cloning, molecular and functional analyses of genes.  Moreover, the
action and regulation of transcription factors acting on the anthocyanin
biosynthetic pathway will be studied.  The genes coding for these
factors have been already cloned in our Group.

Highly motivated and creative individuals are encouraged to apply.
Previous experience in molecular biology and genetics would be
advantageous but is not required.  Candidates should hold an university
degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Agronomy or related fields.
International students are invited to apply. They should have a degree
similar to the German "Diploma" (thesis or master degree).  A working
knowledge of German would be helpful.  The Dissertation can be written
in English.

The University of Hamburg encourages qualified women and handicapped
persons to apply.

Interested individuals should send a full application: CV, description
of work and research experiences as well as the name(s) of referee(s)

Prof.Dr. Udo Wienand
Institut fuer Allegemeine Botanik
Universitaet Hamburg
Ohnhorststr. 18
22609 Hamburg

Tel:  +49-40-822 82 501
FAX: +49-40-822 82 503
Email wienand at

For information contact, at the same address:

Dr. Oswaldo da Costa e Silva

Tel:  +49-40-822 82 391
Email ocs at


Oswaldo da Costa e Silva, Ph.D.

Applied Molecular Biology of Plants I
Institute of General Botany
University of Hamburg
Ohnhorststr. 18
22609 Hamburg
F.R. Germany

Tel:  +49-40-822 82 391
FAX: +49-40-822 82 503
Email: fb5a111 at
           ocs at

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