isolation of intercellular fluid from Arabidopsis

daemon at daemon at
Thu Feb 26 12:27:33 EST 1998

Dear Netters,

Does anyone know an effective method for the isolation of intercellular flui=
(by vacuum infiltration or an other method) from Arabidopsis (ecotype Columb=
0)  leaves?
If so, could you please tell me
        which extraction buffer I should use,
        the time of the vacuum infiltration,
        the method of disrupting the vacuum (suddenly or not),
        if it is necessary to wound the leaves,
        the speed and time of centrifugation of the infiltrated leaves,
        the age of the plants used for infiltration,
        the yield (=B5l) of intercellular fluid
        and other important parametes which I probably forgot to mention...

Thanks a million,

Isabelle Fran=C1ois.

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