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Thu Feb 26 14:32:17 EST 1998

Arabidopsis Community,

Those of you that ordered the soluble-modified green-fluorescent protein
collection from the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center, or received the
clones directly from our lab, might be interested in a more complete
description of their activities and potential uses.  The main addition in
the second work is the inclusion of fluorescent spectrum and relative
fluorescent yields for all three fluoroproteins.

Davis S. J., Vierstra R. D.:  Soluble, highly fluorescent variants of green
fluorescent protein (GFP) for use in higher plants.  Plant Mol. Biol. 36:
521-528 (1998).

For those of you who wish to obtain the collection, it is publicly
available through the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center at the Ohio
State University.  You can order the clones through their web page,
The three stocks are:
CD3-326: soluble-modified green-fluorescent protein (smGFP)
CD3-327: soluble-modified red-shifted green-fluorescent protein (smRS-GFP)
CD3-328: soluble-modified blue-fluorescent protein (smBFP)

Happy GFPing,
Seth J. Davis and Richard D. Vierstra

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