Session on Evolution, Variation, and Novel Genetic Approaches

Thomas Mitchell-Olds tmo at
Mon Jun 15 10:36:55 EST 1998

Session 2 at the Arabidopsis meeting in Madison will cover
Evolution, Variation, and Novel Genetic Approaches.

Speakers will be:

1) Mitchell-Olds: Introduction; Arabis Genome Project
2) Koorneef: Natural variation, an unexploited source of genes in Arabidopsis
3) Jander: Interaction of Arabidopsis and two lepidopteran herbivores
4) Clegg: Evolution of the chalcone synthase gene family in the morning glory
5) Mauricio: The Evolution of Two Disease Resistance Genes in Arabidopsis
6) Nishimura: Insights into plant-pathogen interactions derived from DNA

We have established a web page with updated abstracts and a reading list
for the following topics:

Molecular Evolution
Evolution and Natural Variation in Arabidopsis and Related Species
>From QTLs to Genes
SNPs & Chips


cheers, Tom Mitchell-Olds


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