Postdoc. Position in Plants

John Rathjen jprathjen at
Mon Jun 15 20:22:30 EST 1998

Please reply to Richard Michelmore (rwmichelmore at


We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher with experience in biochemistry
and molecular biology as well as interests in plant pathology.  The
primary emphasis of the group is to determine and manipulate the molecular
basis of specificity in plant-pathogen interactions and to characterize
the early molecular events occurring in disease resistance in plants.  We
concentrate on the Pto and Prf gene products of tomato (Scofield, S.R.
Tobias, C.M., Rathjen, J.P., Chang, J.H., Lavelle, D.T., Michelmore, R.W.,
and Staskawicz, B.J. (1996).  Molecular basis of gene-for-gene specificity
in bacterial speck disease of tomato.  Science 274:2063-2065).  Approaches
routinely used in the lab include molecular modeling, site directed
mutagenesis, yeast two-hybrid analysis, and transient in planta assays.
The appointee will be expected to use other approaches, such as phage
display and recombinant PCR, to dissect resistance gene function and
generate genes with new specificities. Good communication skills and the
ability to interact cooperatively in a laboratory environment are
required. The position is open until filled.

Applicants should send curriculum vitae, bibliography, statement of
research interests, and the names of three references to Professor Richard
Michelmore, CEPRAP, University of California, 1930 Fifth Street, Davis, CA
95616; or rwmichelmore at; FAX 530-752-9659.  The University of
California is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.

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