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Tue Jun 16 19:01:56 EST 1998

NatureMark Potatoes
A Unit of Monsanto Company
St. Louis, MO, USA

Description:   An opening for a post-doctoral position exists in the
Molecular Cycle Time group of NatureMark Potatoes - Monsanto Company.  This
position involves the design and evaluation of various molecular approaches
to stacking multiple transgenic traits, and the study and optimization of
transgene expression in potato.  The ideal candidate should be a molecular
biologist with an extensive background in plant gene expression, molecular
evaluation of transgenes in plants, and the design and construction of
Agrobacterium-based vectors for dicot transformation.  The position requires
in-depth knowledge and substantial hands-on experience of traditional plus
state of the art molecular biology techniques.  Additional experience in the
study of source-sink interactions and carbon metabolism in planta would be
an added plus.  The candidate's literature documentation of studies on plant
vector construction and expression of transgenes toward the improvement of
agronomic crops would be highly desirable, while experience in promoter
isolation/characterization would be beneficial.  This individual must be
self-motivated and contribute both at an intellectual level and laboratory
level to multiple potato quality team projects.  Additionally, this
individual must not only be able to work and communicate well in a
team-based environment, but to also demonstrate the ability to envision,
comprehend, and relate to the overall picture of the NatureMark potato
business strategy.  The position is based in St. Louis, MO, and offers an
environment which fosters research, communication, and interaction among all
research groups in transgenic crop sciences within Monsanto.  Monsanto is an
Equal Opportunity Employer.

Qualified candidates please send curriculum vitae to Dr. Bradley Krohn, Mail
Zone AA3E, NatureMark Potatoes, Monsanto Company, 700 Chesterfield Parkway,
St. Louis, MO, 63198

Any comments or statements made are not necessarily those of Monsanto
Corporation, its subsidaries or affiliates.

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