Postdoctoral Position

John Bowman jlbowman at
Wed Jun 17 18:26:34 EST 1998

Postdoctoral Position
Bowman Laboratory
University of California, Davis

A postdoctoral position is available to investigate a gene family in
Arabidopsis.  The YABBIE gene family is composed of 7-10 members encoding
putative transcription factors with zinc finger and helix-loop-helix
domains, with the latter domain having similarity to HMG boxes.  The YABBIE
gene family appears to be restricted to plants.  Seven members have been
cloned, one of which encodes CRABS CLAW, a known regulator of carpel and
nectary development.  Genetic evidence suggests that CRABS CLAW is directly
involved in specifying abaxial cell fate in the carpel.  At least three
other YABBIE genes are expressed exclusively in the abaxial domains of
above ground organs arising from apical and flower meristems (cotyledons,
leaves, sepals, petals, stamens, carpels).  Experiments will be directed at
characterizing the function of the YABBIE gene family in specifying abaxial
cell fate in developing organs.  A T-DNA insertion into one YABBIE gene has
already been identified; mutations in other family members will be isolated
by screening T-DNA pools.  Other avenues of investigation would include,
but are not restricted to, cloning the remaining members of the family and
characterization of their expression patterns, protein domain swapping
experiments to elucidate domain specificity in gene action, and promoter
analyses of a pair of family members that represent a recent gene
duplication.  Presently, the laboratory consists of five permanent members
whose research is focused on the molecular genetics of carpel and nectary
development, as well as evolutionary aspects of flower development.

Candidates should have demonstrated experience in molecular genetics and
genetic analysis.  Position is available immediately, with guaranteed
support for at least two years.  Salary will be commensurate with
experience.  Applicants should send a cover letter detailing experience,
CV, and the names of three references to: John Bowman, Section of Plant
Biology, UC Davis, Davis CA 95616.  Telephone 530-754-9652; FAX
530-752-5410; e-mail: jlbowman at  UC Davis is an equal
opportunity employer.

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