Postdoctoral Position in Cell Wall Genetics

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Thu Jun 18 17:56:47 EST 1998


A postdoctoral position is available immediately to clone and characterize
the MUR2 and MUR3 genes of Arabidopsis.  The mur2 and mur3 mutations cause
reduced fucosylation of cell wall components primarily affecting xyloglucan,
the major hemicellulose in most primary plant cell walls.  Both mutant lines
were isolated by screening chemically mutagenized Arabidopsis plants for
unusual compositions of their cell wall material [Reiter et al. (1993)
Science 261, 1032-1035; Reiter et al. (1997) Plant J. 12, 335-345].  We are
particularly interested in these two genes since they appear to be directly
involved in the synthesis of cell wall matrix components, a series of
complex metabolic pathways for which no genes are currently available.  The
MUR2 and MUR3 genes are both located on chromosome 2.

To qualify for this position, extensive experience in Arabidopsis molecular
genetics is required.  Familiarity with positional cloning procedures, and a
solid background in plant biochemistry would be a big plus.  The successful
candidate is expected to work as part of a team with interests in various
aspects of plant cell wall synthesis.  This position has been funded by NSF
for three years.  Salary will be commensurate with experience.

Individuals interested in this position should send me a curriculum vitae, a
detailed description of research experience and research interests, and the
names of three references including phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
This material may be submitted via e-mail.  Applications will be accepted
until the position is filled.

Candidates for this position who plan to attend the Arabidopsis meeting are
strongly encouraged to get in touch with me preferably after the session on
Biochemical Genetics.

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