blast search accessory program available

Russell Malmberg russell at
Mon Jun 29 12:09:04 EST 1998

I've written a program to partially automate some aspects of doing repetitive
blast searches against the NCBI databases.  I'm hoping some members of the
Arabidopsis community will try it out, and give me some feedback on the
program.  It is a Windows 95 or Windows NT4 program.  I plan to add more
features as I have time.

More information on the program and how to get it is appended below.

If you use the program, please send me comments on it (good or bad).

Russell Malmberg
russell at

Trbls = Time Run Blast Search.

The intent of Trbls is to make routine Blast searches easier by partly
automating some of the tasks.  Trbls allows you to select a group of
sequences and search parameters, then have them run at some specified
time. For example, you could have your favorite sequences blast
searched every Thursday at 2 AM, and a report would be ready upon your
arrival later that morning.
This is an early version of Trbls.  It has been running fine on 4 or 5
different computers, but may still have bugs.

Here are the links to get a copy of the program Trbls.  Enter one of
these in your web browser, and it should start downloading the program:

  For Intel MS Win95, MS WinNT4 computers:

  For DEC alpha MS WinNT4 computers:

or, go to my Software web page:

To get started:
 Create a suitable directory (C:\Program Files\Trbls, for example).
 Unzip Trbls in that directory.
 Read the Setup.txt and Trbls.hlp files.
 If Trbls unzips correctly and runs okay, you can subsequently delete
 the archive file.

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