New Lister and Dean RI Map released AND a request for information

Mary Anderson mary at
Tue Mar 3 12:04:23 EST 1998

Dear Arabidians

The latest map of the Lister and Dean RI lines curated at NASC is now
available from the NASC and AtDB project web sites.

To access the maps from NASC go to the homepage (
and follow the link 'latest Lister and Dean RI map', or use the direct
link (

To access the maps from the AtDB homepage
(,go to the mapping section and
follow the link 'Lister and Dean map UPDATED'. The direct URL is
There is also a link from the Weeds World homepage at AtDB

Please note BRC2 has been renamed AtP5CS2, GluR2 has been renamed jcc2
both at the request of the authors. CA1_2 has been removed from the map
as this is duplicate data for CA1. C4H_Nov has been renamed C4H. Details
of all these changes can be found by following the synonyms link from the
map pages, or by querying on any of these marker names.

It would be of immense use to the community if anyone who has sequence
data associated with any of the markers on the RI map that they send it to
me. This information can then be shared with the AGI sequencers and the
community and will be invaluable in providing anchor points for the
alignment of sequence and the RI map, a key resource for
structure-function analysis and reverse genetics.

Many thanks for your help.

Mary Anderson
Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre

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