AGI Chromosome 1 sequencing - New SPP webpages

Curtis J. Palm curtis at sequence.Stanford.EDU
Tue Mar 3 21:08:06 EST 1998

The SPP consortium (Stanford DNA Sequencing & Technology Center, Stanford
Univ, Arabidopsis thaliana Genome Center, Univ. of Pennsylvania, and the
Plant Gene Expression Center, USDA) has a new webpage:  This page is a clickable
image-map to facilitate accessing the relevant genome sequencing related
pages located at the consortium members web sites.  Also, a table at this
site (accessed by clicking on "DNA sequences" in the center of the image)
summarizes the status of the chromosome I BACs being sequenced by the SPP.
This table can be viewed by contig (ordered by seed BAC locus, from top to
bottom of the chromosome) or by project number.  Links to the Genbank
accession and annotation are also provided in the table.

The new SPP pages do not replace any of the webpages at the three SPP
consortium members web pages, rather provide a convenient centralized site
that provides a suumary of the SPP genome sequencing progress and links to
the genome sequencing web pages at the three sites.  The new SPP page also
can be reached by a link from AtDB'  s"AGI: Links to Participating Labs &
Preliminary Sequences AGI"

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