Mapped transposons

Nina Fedoroff nvf1 at
Thu Mar 12 15:55:17 EST 1998

<x-rich>Dear Arabinetters!

I am conducting a brief survey on the demand for Ds T-DNA donor sites
whose location is known.  (Keep in mind that about half of
transpositions of Ac-based transposons are to sites within 1 Mb and
1/4-1/3 to sites within 200 kb of the donor site!)

Please take a moment to answer the following simple questions:

1.  If a large number of mapped transposon T-DNA donor lines were
available and you could find one close to your
<italic>Arabidopsis</italic> gene(s) of interest, would you do
transposon mutagenesis to tag your gene?

___yes   ___no

2.  If the answer to 1 is "yes," would you be willing to contribute the
additional lines with transposed elements you generated to a common
pool for others to use?

___yes   ___no

3.  Would you be interested in participating in a collaborative effort
to map transposon T-DNAs?

___yes   ___no

4.  If the answer to 3 is "yes," please be sure your e-mail reply
contains contact information (name, address, phone, fax, as well as


Nina Fedoroff


Dr. Nina V. Fedoroff

Willaman Professor of Life Sciences

Director, Life Sciences Consortium and Biotechnology Institute

Pennsylvania State University

University Park, Pa. 16802

Office: 814-863-4576

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