Particle Bombardment

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>we just bought a BioRad Helium gun and could do with some technical tips
>from experienced users. What particle size (gold or tungsten?) and pressure
>discs are recommended for (successfull) bombardment of onion cells or
>Arabidopsis leaves?

For some parameters for onion cells and Arabidopsis and tobacco leaves for
transit expression, refer to our papers:

J. Sheen, S. Hwang, Y. Niwa, H. Kobayashi, and D. W. Galbraith:  Green
fluorescent protein as new vital marker in plant cells.  Plant J., 8,
777-784, 1995.

W. Chiu, Y. Niwa, W. Zeng, T. Hirano, H. Kobayashi, and J. Sheen:
Engineered GFP as a vital reporter in plants.  Curr. Biol., 6, 325-330,

K. Isono, M. Shimizu, K. Yoshimoto, Y. Niwa, K. Satoh, A. Yokota, and H.
Kobayashi:  Leaf specifically expressed genes for polypeptides destined for
chloroplasts with domains of sigma-70 factors of bacterial RNA polymerases
in Arabidopsis thaliana.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 94, 14948 14953, 1997.

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