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Wed Mar 18 21:34:01 EST 1998

Greetings all Arabidopsis Colleagues:

10th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research
Melbourne, Australia, 4-8 July 1999

Australian Arabidopsis workers warmly invite the International Arabidopsis
community to hold their 10th Conference in Melbourne from 4-8 July 1999.  The
Multinational Science Steering Committee has accepted our invitiation on
your behalf.
The conference is planned to continue the tradition of a University-based,
low cost
venue, at the University of Melbourne.  This is important as the costs of
travelling to
Australia are relatively high.  The conference is scheduled for the
traditional period,
i.e. summer in the northern hemisphere when many are free from teaching
commitments.  This is winter in Australia, but Melbourne's winters are mild (no
snow and only an occasional frost).  Melbourne is a large (3 million)
cosmopolitan city,
and local wildlife, including penguins and koalas, are accessible nearby.
The timing will
also mean there are opportunities to visit Australia's tropical regions
(Great Barrier
Reef, Kakadu) en route during their optimal cooler season.

To give the meeting a wider regional focus, an International Advisory
Committee has been
set up involving colleagues from the western Pacific region.  Members are
Okada (Japan), Hong Gil Nam (South Korea), Venkatesan Sundaresan
(Singapore) and
Jo Putterill (New Zealand).

Further meeting information and registration details will be posted on the
thaliana Database (AtDB) web site early in 1999.

We look forward to hosting the 10th Conference, and welcoming you all Down
Under for a
friendly and interactive meeting.


David Smyth (on behalf of the Organizing Committee)
Chris Cobbett
Liz Dennis
Ed Newbigin
Jim Peacock
Richard Williamson
David Smyth
Department of Biological Sciences
(please note Department's new name)
Monash University, Clayton, Vic. 3168,  Australia

Phone:  61 3 9905 3861;  Fax:  61 3 9905 5537
e mail: david.smyth at

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