Chromosome 3 YAC Map

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Wed Mar 25 12:26:12 EST 1998

Dear Colleagues,

As some of you may have already noticed, we have -finally- released our YAC
map of chromosome 3.

The reference for the map will be :

Camilleri C, Lafleuriel J, Macadr=C8 C, Varoquaux F, Parmentier Y, Picard
G, Caboche M, and Bouchez D (1998). A YAC Contig Map of Arabidopsis
thaliana chromosome 3. The Plant Journal, in press.

A web version is available at the following URLs :

We have tried to make the web pages as useful as possible, and they include
downloadable contig images, information about the markers, protocols etc.
=46or each marker, there is at least a sequence accession number, a link or =
person to contact to be able to retrieve the marker.

Note that most of the end-probes used in this work have been obtained as
PCR fragments and as a consequence we are not able to distribute them. We
have included detailed protocols about obtaining Right and Left end-probes
from YACs, either by complementation cloning in E. coli or by PCR. The CIC
clones are available from the Ohio Stock Center.

We also are going to send all our CIC YAC mapping data to the Stanford
people, so they can include these into AtDB. Including published and
unpublished information, this makes about 1,350 different markers mapped on
the library.

Everybody who have sent us mapping information can mail me to say if they
want to keep their data confidential or not. Otherwise, we'll try to
contact people individually to check if they want to release this
information or not. If new information is available about the markers (ie
accession number, genetic map position, CAPS polymorphism...), this also
would be very useful to the community.

=46inally, we wish to thank again all the members of the Arabidopsis
community who have contributed probes, markers, sequences and unpublished

David Bouchez
Laboratoire de Biologie Cellulaire INRA
78026 Versailles Cedex France
tel : (33) 01 30 83 33 94
fax : (33) 01 30 83 30 99
e-mail : bouchez at

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