Michele Barefoot mbar at ncal.net
Fri Mar 27 11:49:56 EST 1998

                          RA/SRA Calgene (Davis CA)

             RA/SRA Position

             CALGENE, LLC has a strong program in
             plant genetic engineering for the production of
             valuable compounds in plant seeds.

             We are looking for a RESEARCH ASSOCIATE or
             SENIOR RESEARCH ASSOCIATE to join our seed
             genetic engineering team.

             Hands on experience in DNA cloning, protein
             expression in E.coli, protein Western analysis
             as well as RNA prep and Northern RNA analysis
             is required. Plant work and DNA sequence analysis
             experience is desirable.

             Requirements: BS/MS and 2+ years Molecular
             Biology lab. experience at RA/SRA level.

             Please send resumes and references to:

             Dr. Luis Perez-Grau at Calgene
             1920 Fifth Street,
             Davis, CA 95616
             Fax (530) 753-1510
             e-mail: lperez-grau at ccmail.calgene.com

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