anthocyanin stress and GFP

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        Under strong illumination, arabidopsis shows an anthocyanin stress,
resulting in blue leaves. Is there difference between  Columbia ecotype C0
and C24 for this stress?
        I've noticed that in transformants expressing GFP, this phenotype
is more intense. Do you have any information or experience that could
explain this? Furthermore, excited modified GFP emits light at 510 nm, and
anthocyanin absorbs ligth at 530 nm. Does anthocyanin interfere with GFP
        Third point, we use to check this GFP expression an epifluorescence
microscope (NIKON) with a chroma filter (41014) special for GFP.
Nonetheless, roots and trichomes show strong green fluorescence even in
untransformed plants. Is there a mean to avoid that? Or must we use a
confocal microscope to study the expression of GFP within plant tissue?

        Thank you for your attention and for your help.

                        Jean Luc

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