New Release of Arabidopsis EST assemblies

Steve Rounsley rounsley at
Tue Mar 31 18:36:08 EST 1998

Dear Arabinetters,

I'd like to announce the release of an updated set of Arabidopsis EST
assemblies at the TIGR web site.  The new database has been renamed the
Arabidopsis Gene Index (not to be confused with the other AGI), along the
same lines as Human and Rice gene indices also found at TIGR's site.  The
current release contains the results of assembling 38,133 ESTs, 1526
non-redundant transcripts from GenBank (not from the genome sequencing) to
produce 5528 Tentative Consensus sequences (TCs), and 18732 singletons.


        The structure of the web pages have changed a little since the
early releases, and now use the same software as the human and rice gene
indices.  This will allow future improvements which will utilize 5'/3'
pairs of ESTs, and querying based on tissue source.  (Over the next few
weeks, some of the links may not work correctly, as we try to fix a problem
with one of the pieces of software.)

Any questions regarding the new release, and the database in general can be
directed to at at

Good luck and happy hunting!!

Steve Rounsley

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