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Gordon Conf. short talks

Pamela J. Green 22313pjg at ibm.cl.msu.edu
Fri May 8 10:37:35 EST 1998

To those interested in giving a short talk at the 1998 Plant Molecular
Gordon Conference:

Discussion leaders will be selecting short talks from the application
abstracts starting May 19.  If you would like to be considered but have not
yet applied, please submit your application with an abstract or short
description of your work as soon as possible.  You can apply on line at
http://www.grc.uri.edu or using the form published in Science on Feb. 27, 1998.


Plant Molecular Biology Gordon Conference
Plant Biological Regulatory Mechanisms

Chair: Pam Green, MSU-DOE Plant Research Lab
Vice Chair: Rob Last, Boyce Thompson Institute
July 19-24, 1998
New England College
Henniker, New Hampshire


	Nuclear Regulation of Gene Expression:  Witold Filipowicz
(Discussion Leader)
		Alan Wolffe (NIH),  Regulatory Roles for Chromatin"
		Judith Bender (Johns Hopkins),  Regulation of Tryptophan
Genes in Arabidopsis"
		Witold Filipowicz (Friedrich Miescher Inst.),
Proteins Affecting mRNA Splicing and Accumulation in N. plumbaginifolia"


	Cytoplasmic Control of Gene Expression: Pam Green (Discussion Leader)
		Mark Johnson (DOE Plant Research Lab, Michigan State),
Degradation of Highly Unstable Transcripts"
		Dan Gallie (UC-Riverside),  Molecular Analysis of Stress in
Translation and mRNA Stability"
		Rick Vierstra (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison), "Proteolytic
Control of
Enzymes Using the Ubiquitin System"
		Alice Barkan (Univ. of Oregon), "Genetic analysis of group
II intron
splicing in chloroplasts"


	Gene Silencing: Dick Flavell (Discussion Leader)
		Jerzy Paszkowski (Friedrich Miescher Inst.),  Gene
Silencing Mutants and
DNA Methylation"
		Dick Flavell (John Innes Center),  Co-Suppression of
Chalcone Synthase
Expression in Petunias"
		Herve Vaucheret (INRA),  Genetic Analysis of Co-Suppression
in Plants"
		David Baulcombe (Sainsbury Lab),  Systemic Signalling in
Gene Silencing:
Evidence for a Novel Regulatory System in Plants"


	Plant-Microbe Interactions: Barbara Baker (Discussion Leader)
		Barbara Baker (Plant Gene Expression Center, UC-Berkeley),
Molecular-Genetic Characterization of N-Mediated TMV Resistance"
		Maria Harrison (Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation),
Molecular Genetic
Analysis of Mycorrhizal Association"
		Doug Cook (Texas A&M Univ.),  Genetic and Molecular Analysis of
Supernodulation Loci In Medicago truncatula"
		Xinnian Dong (Duke Univ.),  Molecular Genetic Studies of
Systemic Acquired
Resistance in Arabidopsis"


	Metabolic Regulation: Gloria Coruzzi (Discussion Leader)
		Gloria Coruzzi (New York Univ.),  Light and Metabolic
Regulation of Amide
Amino Acid Biosynthesis Genes in Arabidopsis"
		Rick Dixon (Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation),  Function,
Organization and
Regulation of the Phenylpropanoid Pathway"
		John Shanklin (Brookhaven National Lab),  Understanding and
lipid modification enzymes"


	Molecular Genetics of Reproductive Development: Detlef Weigel
		Detlef Weigel (Salk Inst.),  A Genetic Framework for Floral
		Ed Newbigin (Univ. of Melbourne),  Gametophytic
Self-Incompatibility in
Nicotiana alata"
		Daphne Preuss (Univ. of Chicago),  The Role of Cell
Adhesion During
Arabidopsis Pollination"
		Caroline Dean (John Innes Centre),  Control of Flowering
Time and
Vernalization Response in Arabidopsis"


	Keynote Lecture: Light, Brassinosteroids, and Arabidopsis Development:
Joanne Chory (Salk Inst.)


	Plant Responses to Environmental Signals: Rob Last (Discussion Leader)
		Tricia Conklin (Boyce Thompson Inst., Cornell Univ.),
Oxidative Stress
Adaptation Mutants and Mechanisms in Arabidopsis"

		Steve Kay (Scripps Research Inst.),  Light, Biological
Clocks and the
Control of Flowering Time in Arabidopsis"
		Winslow Briggs (Carnegie Institution of Washington,
Stanford Univ.),
Signal Transduction in Phototropism: Probing an Elusive Pathway in Plants"
		Ian Baldwin (Max-Planck Inst.),  Jasmonates as Mediators of
Responses to Environmental Stresses"


	Hormonal Control: Mark Estelle (Discussion Leader)
		Mark Estelle (Indiana Univ.),  Ubiquitin-Related Proteins
and Auxin Response"
		Joe Kieber (Univ. of Illinois-Chicago),  Genetic Analysis
of Ethylene
Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis"
		Neil Olszewski (Univ. of Minnesota),  Evidence that
O-Linked GlucNAC
Modification of Proteins Plays a Role in GA Signal Transduction"

Some funds should be available to help support the participation of graduate
students and postdocs who present posters or talks.  If you would like to be
considered for financial assistance, please send an email to Pam Green at
22313pjg at msu.edu

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