Arabidopsis Ecotype Availability

Dr. Jim Campanella jjc3 at Lehigh.EDU
Thu Oct 8 19:07:01 EST 1998

Dear Netters,

My laboratory is engaged in doing phylogenetic analyses of
world-wide Arabidopsis populations. We have found that the
Arabidopsis Stock Center is somewhat limited in scope when
it comes to certain geographical populations. There are no
strains in the stock center for central or eastern continental
Asia (except Kashmir), or central and southern Africa,
or Australia. I am pretty sure these strains exist out
there somewhere, since I have seen them placed on
distribution maps for the species-- even though they are
not in any stock center. If anyone has ecotypes from those
regions, could you get in touch with me? Or, if someone
could contribute seeds, I would be very grateful. We really
need seeds from those geographic areas to round out our

Thanks for any help,

Jim Campanella
Lehigh University
Department of Biological Sciences
Bethlehem, PA 18102

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