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Prasad Kaparaju prakapa at
Mon Oct 12 11:24:56 EST 1998

Dear Sir,

I'm a PhD student at the Univ of Jyvaskyla, Finland. As a part of my
research study, I would like to know about the Arabidopsis and its
uses in environmental research.
I would be glad if you could provide me the following basic information
which will enable me have a better understanding of the plant and to carry
out research work with ease.
1. Origin and biogeography
2. Taxonomy and morphology
3. Basic biology : structure, development and reproduction
4. Genetic constitution and mutants
5. its uses in biological and genetic research
6. Its senstivity, assests and limitations to environmental research (incl
toxicology and biotesting)
7. imp research journals and references.

We do not have any literature pertaining the basics of Arabidopsis in our

I would appreciate if you could forward the necessary information at the

looking forward with due consideration.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely

Prasad Kaparaju

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Prasad Kaparaju
Roninmaentie 1 G9A
40500 Jyvaskyla

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