pOCA18-Hyg plasmid information

Hector Candela hcandela at umh.es
Thu Oct 29 11:48:49 EST 1998

             I am currently working with the CD4-11 cosmid library of
Arabidopsis thaliana, available
from the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Centre. I would like to design
primers to sequence the ends of several clones isolated from the library. I
wonder if the sequences flanking the ClaI cloning site of
the T-DNA in the pOCA18hyg plasmid are known. Does anyone have such a

             Thank you very much in advance,


             Hector Candela
             hcandela at umh.es
             Division de Genetica
             Universidad Miguel Hernandez
             03550 San Juan, Alicante (SPAIN)

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