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Thu Oct 29 19:35:12 EST 1998

Dr. Nina Fedoroff (Penn State University) is co-organizer,
together with Joel Cohen (Rockefeller University) of a colloquium
to be held December 5-6, 1998 at the Arnold and Mbel Beckman
Center, Irvine, California.  They would like to invite you to attend:

A National Academy of Sciences Colloquium entitled
"Plants and Population: is there time?" will be held
5-6 December 1998 at the NAS Beckman Center
(Irvine, CA, USA).  The symposium will ask the question:
Is there time enough to develop and implement strategies that
will permit the planet to continue to sustain its human population
without profound economic dislocation and environmental
degradation?   The symposiumís speakers will consider possible
time tables of change in agricultural productivity, as well as the
ecological consequences of increasing agricultural production.
They will examine the contributions of biotechnology to crop protection,
human nutrition and bioremediation.  And they will discuss both the past
and future of sustainability and biodiversity conservation.

Session I: Demographic and economic projections of food demand and supply.
ìWorld food and agriculture: the outlook for the medium and longer term.î
Nikos Alexandratos, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
ìGlobal and local implications of biotechnology and climate change for future
food supplies.î  Robert Evenson, Yale University
ìWorld food trends and prospects to 2020.î  Tim  Dyson, London School of
Economics ìThe growth of demand will limit output growth for food over
the next quarter century.î D. Gale Johnson, University of Chicago

Session II: Limits on agriculture: land, water, energy and biological
ìEcological intensification of cereal production systems:
the challenge of increasing crop yield potential and precision
agriculture.î   Kenneth Cassman, University of Nebraska
ìThe transition to agricultural sustainability.î  Vernon  Ruttan,
University of MinnesotaìEcological approaches and the development of
'truly' integrated

ìPlant genetic resources: what can they contribute towards increased
crop productivity?î  David Hoisington, Centro Internacional de
Mejoramiento de Maiz y Trigo, Int.

Dinner Speaker, Ismail Serageldin, World Bank, ìPlants and Population:
is there time?î

Session III:  Plant and other biotechnologies.
ìTransgenic plants for the tropics: some strategies to develop them and
reach the farmer.î  Luis Herrera-Estrella, Centro de Investigacion y
Estudios Avanzados, Irapuato, MexicoìBiotechnology: enhancing human
nutrition in developing and developed worlds.î  Ganesh Kishore, Monsanto
ìUse of plant roots for environmental remediation and biochemical
Ilya Raskin, Rutgers University ìThe post-industrialized agricultural
era: what's rate limiting? John Ryals, Paradigm Genetics, Inc.

Session IV: Biodiversity and multiple land use demands
ìFrom prehispanic to future conservation alternatives: lessons from
Mexico.î  Arturo Gomez-Pompa ìGardenification of tropical conserved
wildlands: multitasking, multicropping and multiple users.î  Daniel Janzen,
University of Pennsylvania ìPlant biodiversity, land use, and the
sustainability of essential ecosystem services.î  David Tilman,
University of Minnesota ìFood supply expansion and the sustainable
global management of carbon and nitrogen: interacting challenges.î
Robert Socolow, Princeton University

Registration forms may be obtained at: or from:
Judith Burns, NAS Colloquium on ìPlants and Populations:
is there time?î, 519 Wartik Laboratory, The Pennsylvania State
University, University Park, PA  16802-5807.  Email: jeb2 at
 Fax: (814) 863-1357.   For best prices, make your travel and hotel
reservations through National Academies Travel (NAT) at (800) 801-6696.
Please refer to Group Number BE02860.  Transportation between the
hotel (Hyatt Regency, Irvine) and the Beckman Center will be provided
 free of charge at specific times.  Registration fee, including meals and
welcome reception (non-refundable) is $175 per person.

Judith E. Burns
Manager, Administrative & Staff  Services
Life Sciences Consortium/Biotechnology Institute
517 Wartik Lab.
Phone:  863-4576
Fax:  863-1357
Email:  JEB2 at PSU.EDU

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