evolution based on intron/exon information

Susan Trapp sctrapp at mail.wsu.edu
Tue Sep 22 17:28:13 EST 1998

Does anyone have information/ paper references/ books/ or advice on
trying to make evolutionary inferences based on intron
placement/size/identity of a  family of proteins with similar
function.   We have already done a phylogenetic study based on just
protein information but would like to do the same based on genomic
information (ie exon/intron organization) to  enrich our knowledge of
the these proteins.

I am looking for recent reviews of intron/exon organization in plants or
gene organization  in plants (including clustering of biosynthetic
pathways genes)
Perhaps other recent examples where other groups studied the evolution
of a enzyme family based on exon/intron study.

Are there special statictical anaylsis which can be done?
My background in evolution and phylogenetics is minimal and would
greatly appreciate help pointing me into the right direction.

Susan Trapp
email:  sctrapp at mail.wsu.edu
Institute of Biological Chemistry
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99165

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