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Dr. Jim Campanella jjc3 at Lehigh.EDU
Thu Apr 8 12:04:01 EST 1999

Dear PI's,

I am sure that many of you, besides myself, have faced a reduction
in funding of late, as well as rising costs in lab equipment. I
am curious whether anybody thinks that an idea I have has any merit.
I am willing to set up a World Wide Web site as a clearing house for
used lab equipment. I have often wondered whether other labs have old
or outmoded equipment (like balances, pH meters, etc.) which they
would be willing to part with at minimal prices. I have seen
commercial Web sites where newer-- and more expensive-- used equipment
is sold, but I have never seen a site which is nonprofit, run by
biologists, and simply acts as "classified ads" where scientists can
post their requests for equipment or advertisements to sell equipment.

For the last year, I have provided an Internet venue where PI's can
exchange used equipment without advertising costs. Both those asking
for equipment and advertising to sell equipment may use the service
without charge. I have recieved e-mail from many people thanking me
for this service so I know that it works. I urge you to visit and use
my site. You never know what kind of buys you may find.

The address of the site is below:

Happy hunting,

Dr. Jim Campanella
Lehigh University
Department of Biological Sciences
Bethlehem, PA 18015

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