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Xiaoying Lin xlin at
Tue Apr 20 11:30:13 EST 1999

The TIGR Arabidopsis web pages have been re-constructed and are now available

We have focused on presenting the different research aspects of Arabidopsis
Genome project at TIGR, and allowing easy access to our data for the general
research community. An important addition we made was the web interface for
the TIGR Arabidopsis Genome Annotation Database (AGAD). This database is now
hosting the sequence and annotation information from Arabidopsis Genome
Initiative world wide (including TIGR's). One important goal for this
database is to unify the annotation to the same standard and format, and to
make it one of the central resources for sequence and gene information of the
entire genome of Arabidopsis.

The data are accessible by browsing clones sorted by map positions on each
chromosome. They can also be searched by clone name or gene name.  The
annotation for chromosomes I and II is already available at this site, and we
are in the process of analyzing clones from the other chromosomes.  Currently
only the original annotation, downloaded through GenBank or performed by TIGR
group, are being displayed.  The annotation will be updated periodically
based on original annotation (where available), computational analysis and
the most recent database search results.

Other important information which can be accessed from this page includes
the BAC sequencing project, the Arabidopsis thaliana Gene Index (AtGI),
the BAC end sequence database, and links to other Arabidopsis sites.

If you experience any problems using this site or have any
suggestions/comments, please feel free to e-mail us <at at>.

We will appreciate your input on improving these pages.


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