gene vs. EST mismatch

Karen S. Browning kbrowning at
Wed Apr 21 14:01:33 EST 1999

Arabidopsis Gene Gazers,

We have sequenced an Arabidopsis gene and the corresponding EST.  We have
found a 3 base region that in the gene maintains the reading frame, but in
the EST there is a 1 base insert and change in the codon.  On either side of
this 4 base region in the EST the rest of the sequence is the same as the gene.

We will make another cDNA to sequence and determine if this was just a
fluke. Has anyone else noticed anything like this?  Is this likely an
artifact of the reverse transcriptase.  It is near (~50 nucleotides) from a
splice site.  Any suggestions on explaining the phenomenon? Thanks,

Dr. Karen S. Browning
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University of Texas
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