Correction: Potential US Funding for Arabidopsis X

Charles S. Gasser csgasser at
Fri Feb 12 13:01:22 EST 1999

Dear Arabidopsis Netters:

Regarding our recent posting concerning potential future funding to help
junior researchers travel to Arabidopsis X in Melbourne, Australia:

The National Science Foundation has informed us that we misstated the
conditions for funding.  Awardees need not be U. S. Citzens or Permanent
Residents.  They simply must be wokring in institutions in the United
States.  I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Please watch this space for future postings on this subject!

Chuck Gasser
csgasser at

For the North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (Jeff Dangl, Detlef
Weigel, Steve Kay, Chuck Gasser, Kathy Barton, Mary Lou Guerinot)

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