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Sun Jan 10 20:38:09 EST 1999

Postdoc Position
in the laboratory of
Dr. Alan Jones
University of North Carolina

Tracheary elements are the functional corpses that form the hollow
vasculature of plant tissues. Programmed cell death (PCD)  occurring
during the differentiation of tracheary elements is a developmental
process under strict control since tracheary elements are functional
only after they synthesize an elaborate cell wall and autolyze their
cytoplasm.  Nascent hydrolases are sequestered until an extracellular
matrix signal causes the release the release leading to rapid
autolysis.  Recent evidence from our lab indicates that the trigger is
by a secreted serine protease.   Secreted regulatory proteases, such
as in the Easter proteolytic cascade in Drosophila axis establishment,
are gaining prominence as the linchpins in the coordination of many
developmental processes.    A postdoc is sought to join the effort to
clone the secreted protease and substrate from Arabidopsis. This
individual must have ample experience in molecular techniques and
excellent communication skills. Prior experience with plants is not
necessary.   Applicants should apply to Dr. Alan Jones, Dept Biology,
CB# 3280, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599.
alan_jones at

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