Postdoctoral Researcher

David J. Oliver doliver at
Wed Jan 13 12:26:33 EST 1999

Postdoctoral Researcher

	A postdoctoral position is immediately available to study the molecular
biology of lipid biosynthesis in plants.  We are looking for a broadly
trained molecular biologist interested in metabolic engineering.  The
specific research involves untangling the metabolic contributions of
multiple pathways of acetyl CoA synthesis.  The goals of this project are
to create plants with altered capabilities for lipid synthesis and to
understand how the relative contribution of the different pathways is
regulated.  The successful candidate needs strong molecular skills.
Experience in plant molecular biology, Arabidopsis genetics, plant
transformation, microarray analyses, and gene expression studies would be

	Please contact David J. Oliver, Department of Botany, 353 Bessey Hall,
Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011, fax 515-294-1337, email
doliver at

	David J. Oliver
	Department of Botany
	353 Bessey Hall
	Iowa State University
	Ames, IA 50011-1020

	Phone: (515) 294-0134
	FAX: (515) 294-1337

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