Arabidopsis Academic Microarray Program - March 15 deadline

Fri Jan 15 19:38:41 EST 1999

     Announcement and Request for Proposals for Monsanto's
     Arabidopsis Academic Microarray Program.

     Approaching deadline for next round of applications:  March 15, 1999

     Microarray access to >10,000 Arabidopsis cDNAs is granted through a
     competitive program using the technology described by Ruan et. al., Plant
     Journal (1998) 15: 821-833.  For more details, visit the Monsanto web
     site (

     Thank you very much,

     Dominique M. Francx
     Contract Manager, Technology Alliances Team Mail Stop BB3B
     (314) 737.7204 Voice
     (314)737.5335 Fax
     dominique.m.francx at

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