BACEND dataset now includes Kazusa & GenoScope

Mike Cherry cherry at fasolt.Stanford.EDU
Tue Jan 26 12:53:28 EST 1999

The BACEND dataset available through the BLAST and FASTA resources at
AtDB has been enhanced to include clone end sequences from Kazusa and
GenoScope.  Previously the BACEND dataset was limited to sequences
contained within GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ.  The dataset now contains
sequences available from the Kazusa and GenoScope sites.  This
dataset, like most available from AtDB, is updated three times a week.

The Kazusa sequences include P1 ends, but we will continue to call
this dataset BACEND.  The total by source is:

   16359     GenoScope
    1958     Kazusa
   29898     GenBank, U. Penn & TIGR
  ======    =========================
   48215     TOTAL



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