total protein extraction

foc carl.fossdal at
Thu Jul 15 11:20:35 EST 1999

This seem to work for me:

Try to boil your sample in 2X SDS sample buffer with 0.2M DTT, grind the
tissue with a toothpick if necessary, centrifuge away the debree and load
onto the gel.

To determine the protein amount spot dilutions on a PVDF membrane and stain
with coomasie, and destain,  and compare to a known amount of protein
treated in the same fashion

Carl Fossdal, Aas, Norway

Dawn <paxsond at> skrev i artikkelen <378B5DA4.21A3 at>...
> Does anyone have a reproducible protocol for total protein isolation
> from a small amount of plant tissue?  I am trying to isolate total
> proteins from various plant tissues for a comparative analysis of
> wild-type and a transgenic line using SDS-PAGE and Westerns.

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