Query: Photographs of mutant Arabidopsis lines

Mike Cherry cherry at genome.stanford.edu
Thu Jun 24 13:20:58 EST 1999

There are places:

In AtDB (genome-www.stanford.edu/Arabidopsis/) images are linked via
the Germplasm class, e.g. from the table of contents go to Locus,
search for "ag", click on CS/N-25 next to Germplasm, then click on the
CS/N-25 next to Images.

You can ftp the images from AtDB with:


Images are also available from:

Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre (NASC)     http://nasc.nott.ac.uk/
Arabidopsis Biol. Res. Center's DB (AIMS)      http://aims.cps.msu.edu/aims/


> Dear colleagues,
>     Could somebody suggest a web-site where photographs of mutant
> Arabidopsis lines can be viewed?
>     All assistance is appreciated,
>     With best regards,
>     Zso Fejes
> ---

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