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Dear Colleagues,

please find attached the Phytosfere'99 programme and registration information.
topics:	Plant Biotech talks from Framework IV successes
	Panel Discussion on Plant Biotechnology
	Framework Programme V
	Science into Practice - start a company
Speakers are top scientists, representatives from major European Companies,
key persons from the EC(DGXII)and experts from Venture Capital/Finance.
Journalists from at least 6 European countries are invited as rapporteurs.
I am looking forward to see you there!
Karin Metzlaff
(AMICA & EPBN manager;

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Phytosfere '99

Major advances in European Plant Biotechnology
Research, Partnership and Networking in the
Community Framework IV Programme

Italian National Research Council (CNR
Headquaters), Rome, Italy
Monday 7 - Wednesday 9 June, 1999

Free Registration until 31.3.99
(100,000LIT from April)
Registration form at:
Send to:  Karin Metzlaff; JIC Norwich;
++44-1603-501435 (epbn at

On the following pages:
Preliminary Programm

Provisional Programme

Monday	7.6.99

08:30	Coffee & Registration
09:30	Chairman's introduction
	Owen Doyle			Dublin, Ireland
09:45	European Successes in Plant BIotechnology
Marc Van  Montagu		Gent, Belgium
Francesco Salamini		Cologne, Germany
Lothar Willmitzer		Berlin, Germany
11:00	coffee
11:30	Panel discussion "Opportunities and Challenges of Europ. Plant Biot."
chairman:  John Hodgson		London, UK
Marc Van Montagu		Science (University of Gent)
Francesco Salamini		Science (MPIZ Cologne)
Lothar Willmitzer		Science (Inst. Fuer Genbiologische
Mike May			Industry (Plant Genetic Systems N.V.)
	To be announced		Consumers
John Hodgson			Journalism (Freelance)
	To be announced		Regulatory body
Etienne Magnien			European Commission (DG XII)
David Coates 	Government (Office of Science & Technology;
International branch, UK)
13:00	Lunch/ Press Briefing
15:00	Keynote address
Simon Bright			(Zeneca Agrochemicals)
15:45	AgBio Exchange
Poster session & Trade Show
17:00	Resume of the day given by John Hodgson
17:10	Reception

Tuesday		8.6.99

Highlights from the 6 clusters in FP4 Plant Biotechnology
08:30	Keynote Address
Caroline Dean			Norwich, UK
09:15	 "Control of genes"
chairman:  Bernd Reiss		Cologne, Germany
Peter Meyer			Leeds, UK
Thesfaye Mengiste 		Bale, Switzerland
Phil Dix			Maynooth, Ireland
	Rapporteur: Ralf Neumann	Freiburg, Germany

11:00	Coffee
11:30	"Mapping gene location"
chairman:  Michel Delseny		Perpignan, France
Christiane Gebhardt		Cologne, Germany
Don O'Sullivan 		Bristol, UK
Mark van Haaren		Wageningen, Netherlands
	Rapporteur: Helen Garagham	Hebdon Bridge, UK
13:00	Lunch
14:30	"Controlling development and architecture"
chairman:  Chris Bowler		Napoli, Italy
Nick  Harberd			Norwich, UK
Malcolm Bennett		Nottingham, UK
Rapporteur: to be announced	, Italy
15:40	Coffee
16:00	 "European Plant Embryogenesis Network"
chairman:  Sacco de Vries		Wageningen, Netherlands
Sacco de Vries			Wageningen, Netherlands
Keith Lindsey			Durham, UK
Peter Rogowsky		Lyon, France
Rapporteur: to be announced	, Sweden
17:30-18:00	Resume of the day given by the 4 rapporteurs
20:00	Conference Dinner

Wednesday		9.6.99

Highlights from the 6 clusters in FP4 Plant Biotechnology continued
08:30	"Response to challenges of the environment"
 chairman:  Carmen Castresana	Madrid, Spain
Andy Maule			Norwich, UK
Gerrit Kema			Wageningen, Netherlands
Johannes Helder		Wageningen, Netheralnds
	Rapporteur: to be announced	, Netherlands
10:00	Coffee
10:20	cluster "Uncovering metabolic pathways"
chairman:  Christian Bachem		Wageningen, Netherlands
Wolf Frommer		Tuebingen, Germany
Jens Kossman			Golm, Germany
Richard Visser			Wageningen, Netherlands
Rapporteur: Alicia Rivera	Madrid, Spain
11:50	Funding opportunities in FP5
Indridi Benediktsson	(European Commission DG XII)
12:10	Coffee
12:30	Round table discussion "Science into Practise - Entrepreneurship in
Chairman:  Paolo Fasella		Rome, Italy

Herman Van Mellaert		Start up company (Crop Design N.V.)
Klaus Duering			Start up company (MPB Cologne GmbH)
George Morris			Venture Capitalist (Quartz Capital Partners
	Gwilym Williams 		Technology Transfer (BioResearch
Indridi	Benediktsson		European Commission (DG XII)
13:45	Resume of the day given by the 2 rapporteurs
14:00	Conference close


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