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On my web page (listed below) you will find a paper called "hydroponics". I
have added additional information on this page to our original publication
entitled "Maximal biomass of Arabidopsis..." in Plant Physiology
115:317-319. In this paper you will find a discussion of optimum growth
conditions for increasing plant size. Length of the day is the most
important factor. In addition we have developed an idiot proof system for
growing Arabidopsis hydroponically (which is normally very difficult to grow
by this method). Be sure to see some of the photos of the root systems on
these plants, they're huge (these photos were not included in the original
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> Dear networkers,
> Does anyone know of a reference which details growth
> conditions for arabidopsis to maximize leaves dimension ?
> Any information on this topic would be much appreciated.
>  Francesco Vantini
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