dwarf loci

Joshua Udall jaudall at students.wisc.edu
Sat Mar 20 12:27:38 EST 1999

I'm investigating several dwarf phenotypes in brassica oleracea, rapa,
and napus.  The brassica dwarfs I have on hand behave as single gene
recessive traits.  I have been trying to wade through the material in
arabidopsis on dwarfs.  I've posted a summary of my searches from the
AtDB.  However, I still feel I'm missing several loci/alleles.  I would
greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions on how to modify or
correct this table.


Is there another site with similar data?   I'd love to see somelse's
version of this table. Even if you just have one on paper, I'd love a
fax.  I'll update my findings on the this page.


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